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"Through my experience as an entrepreneur and advisor, I've seen the inside of many businesses & startups over the years, giving me a deep understanding of why a business succeeds and why it doesn't (including my own ones).

Today, I'm excited to share that knowledge and help great ideas and teams grow and succeed."



I have known Dominik for several years now. After this time, I can say that anyone who works with him quickly realizes that he takes all areas of a challenge into account with his holistic way of thinking and then develops and implements a first-class solution. His ideas and strategies have a lasting effect and help companies position their products successfully and thus build valuable long-term customer relationships.


Johannes Ehrhardt
Co-Founder & CEO of bluquist

Bluquist got a clear strategic direction through Dominik. His work was directly applied to external branding and positioning as well as to the conception and implementation of performance marketing campaigns. This has taken all marketing activities to the next level and the now tangible bluquist story enables the next funding round.

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